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The transformative impact of personified values in business

I believe that personifying a company’s values presents a powerful approach to instilling a robust and coherent ethos within your organisation. It’s an innovative method that goes beyond traditional articulations of values, offering a unique and practical way to integrate these principles deeply into the organisational fabric. The essence of personifying company values Once you […]

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Cultivating a “rethink mindset”

We live in a world in a state of constant change, where new competitors emerge overnight and consumer trends shift in the blink of an eye. Small business owners and managers face the challenge of making decisions amidst this uncertainty almost daily. I believe that the ability to rethink and adapt to change is now […]

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Service innovation. SMEs and the role of AI.

Service innovation isn’t just corporate-speak or a luxury reserved for big players with even bigger budgets. It’s an essential strategy for any business—small, medium, or large—that wants to stay relevant in a rapidly evolving marketplace. What is service innovation? Simply put, it’s about doing something new or different to deliver value to your customers. As […]

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Curiosity: the key to an innovative mindset

In business, curiosity isn’t just about asking questions, it’s about discovering new paths to success, and it’s this curiosity-driven quest for improvement that leads to innovation, driving meaningful change and growth.  Having an “innovative mindset” is not about having an endless reservoir of groundbreaking ideas, but rather about cultivating a culture that encourages curiosity, experimentation, […]

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The paradox of customer input: When to listen and when to lead

In the world of business, the customer is often enshrined as the ultimate source of wisdom. Businesses go to great lengths to collect feedback, analyse behaviours, and map out customer journeys. It’s almost gospel: Listen to your customers, and success will follow. Yet there’s a wrinkle in this straightforward narrative. In some scenarios, seeking customer […]

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Insights from “Chasing Perfection” for the small business owner

It may be an unusual book recommendation for a small business owner, but “Chasing Perfection: The Principles Behind Winning Football the De La Salle Way” by Neil Hayes offers an alternative approach to achieving excellence. Written against the backdrop of high school American football, the book summarises the coaching philosophy of the legendary Bob Ladouceur, […]

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Blue Ocean Strategy: A game changer for SMEs

In today’s business ecosystem, where competition is rife and profit margins are thinning, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often find themselves swimming in dangerous waters. However, the Blue Ocean Strategy offers a lifeline—an escape route to untapped market spaces where competition is yet to intensify. Developed by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, this business […]

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