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Why immigrants have an incredible drive to succeed

When many of us think about immigration, our minds might jump to politics, news headlines, or national debates. But often, we miss a powerful story that’s right in front of us: the incredible drive and determination of those who leave everything they know to start anew in a different country. This isn’t about those escaping […]

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Polticians accountable

Accountability in politics: a call for scrutiny during elections

In the City of London, accountability isn’t merely desired; it’s an enforceable obligation. For evidence, consider HHI v Chase Manhattan Bank (1991), which underscored the responsibilities of financial entities in providing truthful financial advice. When a bank misleads, it’s legally liable for the fallout. The key underpinning here is that such institutions often mislead when […]

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Friends, Friendship, and the Future

As we step into yet another digital era, our concept of friends and friendship faces more turmoil. Already redefined by the rise of social media, our interpersonal relationships are on the cusp of further transformation with the advent of advanced AI personal assistants and companions. In our hyperconnected world, the term ‘friend’ has expanded to […]

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Does this still work?

As you can see from the date of the previous post (25 June 2017), I’ve taken some time off from this site.. and from everything else; and a lot has happened since 2017. I sold my business (Vertical Leap) in the summer of 2016 to a fantastic marketing group called Sideshow. We were their second […]

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