Photo by Steinar Engeland

Small Business is like a Viking Ship

Think about your small-medium business as a viking ship.

These amazing crafts were fast, nimble and could travel great distances to deliver the viking “brand”.  They were capable in deep water but were particularly effective in shallow water – places larger ships could not venture (think lean economic times and niche).

The leader (CEO/MD) would steer the ship, navigate the waters, and perhaps beat the drum for motivation.

Unlike other ships with oarsman in the past, the crew were not slaves – they were warriors.  They were all part of the clan.  They were more or less equals.  They drank when they were thirsty, ate when they were hungry and rested when they were tired (they never got tired).

And just like it should be in a small business, the viking ship had no passengers.  Everyone rows.



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