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Instagram: the what, where, how and why of Instagram

Instagram is a new social network for sharing pictures – basically, it is like Twitter for photos but with Facebook’s like button.  It launched in October 2010 and already has over 5 million users (in only nine months).  It has had more than 100 million photos uploaded at a current rate of 860,000 per day.  Instagram is […]

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How to auto tweet and create your own Twitter bot

UPDATE (2015): Please note that Yahoo has now closed down Pipes which is referenced in this article.  See the announcement here: UPDATE:  Please note that the functionality described in this blog post relises on Twitter API version 1.0 which has now been deprecated by Twitter.  This means that the functionality described may no longer […]

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The iPad – My first impressions

My new shiny iPad was delivered last Thursday (one day early) and so with five days of working with it, I thought I’d share my experiences and views. Love at first sight.  It was heavier than I expected.. but in a good way.  It feels solid.  Expensive.  How could you not love it’s design. Initial […]

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Online backup providers – a winner at last

UPDATE:  The information in this page is out of date and although I am leaving it here for archive purposes, please do not rely on the advice.  Today, I only use Backblaze for Mac and Timemachine backups. I’ve been using online backup services for a couple of years now – both personally and professionally.  I […]

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My top three favourite (new) gadgets

I like gadgets – always have, always will – and 2009 has been a bumper year for gadgetry in my house. Here’s my top 3 list of gadgets (so far): 1. iPhone. I can’t believe that I put up with Windows Mobile for as long as I did.  My new iPhone 3GS is one of […]

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