Why immigrants have an incredible drive to succeed

When many of us think about immigration, our minds might jump to politics, news headlines, or national debates. But often, we miss a powerful story that’s right in front of us: the incredible drive and determination of those who leave everything they know to start anew in a different country. This isn’t about those escaping danger. It’s about diving deep into the mindset of a group of people who are often not fully understood or appreciated.

The weight of the decision to move

Imagine for a moment the weight of the decision to leave your home, the friends you’ve known for years, and the streets you grew up on. I personally experienced this when I packed up my life in Dallas in 1992 and made the leap to England. It wasn’t a mere search for new scenery. Behind this move was courage, hope, and a burning ambition for a brighter, more prosperous future.

The unmatched energy of change

There’s a saying that goes something like he has real “get up and go”. This phrase feels like it was made for immigrants. It’s not just about physical movement from one place to another; it’s a representation of a life-altering decision. In many hometowns, it might seem as though the most vibrant and passionate individuals have taken their dreams elsewhere. It’s almost as if those locals with the “get up and go” spirit have already “got up and went“, seeking their fortunes and dreams beyond familiar boundaries. This isn’t a critique of the local population but a nod to the infectious energy that both these spirited locals and immigrants bring with them.

A work ethic that stands out

The resilience and determination of immigrants often shines brightly in the workplace. After taking such a significant risk by relocating, they are fuelled by the desire to ensure that the gamble pays off. Challenges? They’ve faced them head-on. Failures? Just stepping stones to eventual success. Their journey instils a work ethic that is both commendable and contagious.

A boost for the local economy

But it’s not just about spirit and energy. Immigrants play a pivotal role in revitalising economies. They step into roles, bring unique skills to the table, and often become entrepreneurs, breathing life into local communities with fresh businesses and ideas. Beyond the obvious economic benefits, they introduce a mindset that places a premium on hard work, persistence, and the pursuit of dreams.

Enriching our communities

Immigrants introduce new perspectives to local communities, shaped by distinct experiences and backgrounds. Their varied education, training, and life experiences bring a wealth of knowledge that can be invaluable. The different viewpoints and skills they offer can challenge existing ideas, encouraging everyone to think differently and to continuously improve. By blending their experiences with those of the local community, there’s a collective enrichment that benefits all.

Embracing and nurturing this spirit

If we truly value progress and growth, it’s crucial to recognise and champion the spirit of immigrants and those locals with a similar drive. Offering them an environment where they can flourish is not just beneficial for them but for society as a whole. This means fostering a welcoming community, creating opportunities for advancement, and being receptive to the wealth of ideas they bring.

Immigration is so much more than what we often see on the surface in terms of language, customs, country of origin, race, and religion. These are the individuals who had the “get up and go” spirit to embark on a journey, driven by a desire to do something exciting and meaningful. This same drive and determination, once they’ve settled in their new country, often translates into significant contributions to both business and society at large.

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