My Business Blog Reading List

I subscribe to about 410 RSS feeds from blogs of all sizes, shapes and categories.

I use Google Reader to keep them up to date and to allow me to scan through them easily and pick out anything that jumps out.

One of the categories I use is simply called “business”.  I have other categories for marketing (actually 3 different ones for general, online, and search), people of note, technology, news, etc.

I thought I’d start by sharing the blogs in my reading list from the “business” category:

Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing

E-Myth Business Blog

Escape from Cubicle Nation


Management Craft

O’Reilly Radar

Small Business Trends

Springwise New business ideas

TechCrunch UK

The Lazy Business Owner

The Tom Peters Weblog


Up and Running

Web Worker Daily

Know any excellent sources that I am missing?

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