People. Work. Alphabet soup.


A likes B too much and B leaves. C and D like each other and think no one knows, they do. C and E like each other and gang up against F. I leaves when G is promoted. H is great at their job which makes J and K jealous. No one likes L. M is letting their team down and causing resentment. N watches, always watches. O hates P and everyone knows, including P. Q is ambitious and “deserves more”. R is too good to listen to anyone. S is exceptional, S is loved by everyone, S is fantastic, S loves their job, S resigns. T is for trying. U thinks they are a god, they are not. V takes chances, gets things done and never asks for anything. W works hard but always fails, everyone loves W. X works hard and is quiet, reliable, loyal, dedicated and great at their job, everyone forgets about X. Y always needs to be first, Z just is.


One Response to People. Work. Alphabet soup.

  1. Stuart Wooster May 2, 2012 at 9:51 am #

    I’m not resigning Matt 😉