Switching from Windows to Mac (my first 24 hours)

I’ve been a DOS and Windows user for 25 years, but yesterday I switched off my PC at home and turned on my new 27″ iMac.

I’m not 100% sure why I’ve done this.

I guess since I already have an iPhone and an iPad, I’ve learned that Apple products work better together.  I’ve also learned to love the level of design and quality in all Apple products.  The new iMac is no exception – it is beautiful.  I like to look at it.. I don’t think that was ever the case with my Windows PC’s.

But I guess the main reason is that it no longer matters.

There was a time when Apple hardware was inconvenient.  Unless you were employed in the “creative” industries, the software just wasn’t there.  That’s no longer the case.  Actually, with everything being in the cloud now – software is generally less important today anyway.  I’m writing this blog post on my WordPress site without having to download anything.  It looks the same as it did last week on my PC.  I haven’t had to learn anything new – the learning curve for switching when it comes to the cloud is virtually zero.  Furthermore, the core internet-based services like Evernote, Spotify, etc are all available on the Mac too.  Switching to a Mac from Windows has a very small impact (at least so far).

There are a few observations so far – but I many of these are becoming non-issues for me already.. and so with a bit more time, who knows?

  • Keyboard shortcuts.  I can never understand why everyone harps on about how the Mac OS is so simple where everything is a keyboard shortcut.  I’m sure I will learn the with time.. but it still seems more like a “Power User” setting.
  • No delete key.  This drove me crazy last night – until I figured out that the “backspace” key is the “delete” key (not labelled as such) and then if you want to delete something (to the right of the cursor) if you have to press control+d (see above comment on keyboard)
  • Having to use the keyboard for context sensitive stuff – the “right click” in Windows.. yeah you can enable it.. but..
  • No hashtag in the keyboard.  Why?  Has Apple never heard of Twitter?  Apparently I have to press Alt+3.. again with the keyboard shortcuts.
  • The top menu.  I’ll have to get used to this.. the app / window you are currently looking at doesn’t have a menu – the menu for that app is always at the very top of the screen.  Yes, I will get used to this and I can understand some of the initial reasons for doing this.. but at the moment, I keep forgetting and it drives me crazy.
  • The scrolling feature on the mouse seems backwards (as in the opposite direction from Windows mice – I wonder why that is)
  • Mail and GMail – why is this not set up in the same way as iOS?  On my iPhone/iPad it works brilliantly and simply and I can connect to Google as an Exchange client and therefore sync calendar and contacts etc.  With Mail on OSX – no Exchange connection and I have to install a separate app to properly sync the contacts with Google.  This is probably more of a Google issue, but it seems odd to me.  I still don’t have the calendar set up – but should sort it this week.
  • The Appstore.  I love the App Store on the Mac.. it’s exactly like the iOS ones and I can’t understand why this wasn’t done years ago by MS (or Apple for that matter).  It means I can discover small little apps without scouring the web for them.  Brilliant.  (damn, just tried to right-click on a spelling error… )
  • I’m using Chrome instead of Safari.  Nothing against Safari – I’ve heard Chrome is better on OSX and it is familiar (and I need that)
  • The file system is going to be hard for me to get used to I think.. generally speaking.  Finder app is fine, but its getting a full understanding of the best place to structure my files – without them all going into [My] Documents.
  • Silence!  One last thing.. when I switched off my PC tower, the silence was deafening.  Now, despite my iMac being on – all I can hear is the fan on my Dell laptop sitting next to me.  It’s so nice to not have to hear the jet engine fans of a PC tower – although I will miss the extra heat next winter.

That’s it so far..  all good really.  Other than the high costs, there’s really no “real” reason to pick Windows machines over OSX today.  It really doesn’t matter anymore.



  1. I still struggle with the short-cuts, especially between PC at work and Macbook at home. I’d recommend adding MacKeeper to keep files and maintenance all working nicely.

  2. The scrolling is opposite of windows because it is supposed to be consistent with the iphone and ipad scrolling, which would be the same motion if you were actually pushing or pulling the content away/towards you.

  3. I’m getting used to it.. you’re right, it is consistent with the iPhone/iPad gestures – hadn’t noticed that before.. but I think its just what you are used to with a mouse… but I don’t notice it so much now.

    Thanks for commenting.

  4. Always remember the CMD key. If you want to a remove a folder from the Finder sidebar, hold down CMD and drag the folder name off the finder window. Don’t want an item on the topbar, hold down CMD and drag it off.

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