Sending emails to Evernote – now with more awesome!

I’ve been using Evernote for a while now and have been sending documents and blog posts by email to my Evernote account.. but it just dawned on much more effective I could have been.

Your own personal email account

First, let me make sure that you know about your free Evernote email account.  When you sign up for Evernote, you get your own private email address that is linked to your Notebook.  You can find this email address under “Account Info” for the desktop version and on the mobile versions, simply tap on your account name at the top left of the app.  Then tap on “Evernote email address” and you’ll see a screen similar to this one:

Evernote email settings

The default notebook

When you send an email to Evernote, it is automatically dropped into your “default” Notebook.  For me,this is the standard notebook called “Main”.  But you can change this pretty easily.  On the desktop app, simply right click and select “Notebook Settings” and you can assign that specific Notebook as the default (I’m not 100% sure how to do this on your mobile device – or if you can).

Evernote - set the default notebook

Sending emails to a specific notebook

OK, so this is the good stuff.  You can email anything to any notebook.  All you have to do is add the “@” at the end of the email subject followed by the name of the Notebook.  For example:

Evernote - add notebook name

So this will add a note with the subject as the title, the body of the email will be placed into the note, and this example will be added to a notebook called “My Blogs”

To be clear, Evernote will interpret the words after the “@” as the notebook name.  And so to send emails to a notebook that has a name with multiple words / with a space – you don’t need to enclose in quotes – just make sure that you are tagging this email at the end of the subject line.  As in the example above.

Adding tags via email too

Evernote provides you with the ability to tag everything you file too.  A typical example of how people would use this is to store receipts in one Notebook – something like “Receipts 2013” and then use tags to specify the category / type of the receipt – e.g. “Travel”.

To add tags when you send an email, you simply use the hashtag (pound symbol to some of my American friends) – “#”.

Evernote - add tags from email

This email will add a note as before but this time to a notebook called “Receipts 2013” and then will also add two tags to this note – “taxi” and “travel expenses”

Getting to the point

So any email sent to your Evernote account will get added to your default notebook.  But you can decide where this goes when you send the email – all you need to do is add a “@” to specify the notebook and if you want to add tags simply add them at the end using hashtags “#”.

I save a lot of the information that I share in Evernote and until recently, simply dumped them into one large notebook (Evernote has a great search faciltiy after all).  But now, when I want to save something for later – a blog post, article, or email from a colleague even – I send it to Evernote and provide the name notebook where it should go.  This is a really awesome feature and I hope you found this tip useful.