How to Link and Tweet Sections of your Blog

Do you ever write blog posts or web copy that are chock full of useful snippets of information?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could make it easy for your readers to tweet them in isolation – as opposed to the entire blog post?

Something like this perhaps:

  • 60% of B2B marketers improved their search ranking with social media [tweet this]
  • 42% of iPhone purchasers in April 2012 were switching from another smartphone [tweet this]
  • Google has paid out over $30B via adsense, Apple has paid over $5B to app developers to-date [tweet this]
  • Roughly 250 million users have signed up for Google+ but only 150 million of these are active on a monthly basis [tweet this]

See the “tweet this” link?  Click on this and it automatically fills in a tweet with the sentence plus a link back to me.

I think this is a really powerful technique for getting people to come back to your site, to your blog.  Facts and stats are really great shareable content – sometimes above and beyond the post/content itself.  And if you have a number of little factoids to share, then intersperse these “tweet this” links next to anything you think is pertinent.

As with all things in life, there’s the hard way and the easy way.  The more difficult way is to construct a url for twitter like this:

OK, so not so hard.  At least not for simple text, but it gets harder if you start adding links etc as they all have to be made “URL safe”.

And so here’s the easier way.  Use a free service called – Click to Tweet.

It’s so simple.  You put the text (including links and Twitter names) in the input box and press – “Generate Link”.

And then when you have done that, you get a short link URL – like so:

So now you can either embed the shortlink into your blog post (like I did above) – OR – open the short link and use the long url in your address bar in your blog posts.  You can also shorten this longer url with whatever favourite URL shortener you prefer such as

That’s it.  Enjoy.