How to automatically save every Facebook photo that you are tagged in

You typically have an offline copy of the photos you upload to Facebook – but what about the photos that others upload of you?  Wouldn’t it be useful to be able to save/archive photos in which you are tagged?  Well, with the magic of and DropBox you can and here’s how: is the glue, the duct tape for the internet now.  It stands for “if this, then that” and allows you to connect different services together to help automate your online life.  It’s currently free to use.

Dropbox is a cloud-based storage service that allows you to have access to your files – anywhere and everywhere.  There are apps for desktops (Windows and Mac) and for mobile devices of all flavours.  It’s free for the first 2Gb of space that you use.

This post assumed that you already have an account with each service – and so if you haven’t already registered with one or the other, please do that now.

Most of the heavy lifting is being done here by IFTTT and we’re using DropBox purely for file storage.  So let’s log in to and create the recipe that will enable you to save the photos of you from Facebook:

1. Click on the “Create Recipe” and you’ll see this simple screen:


2. Click on the blue underlined “this” and it will ask us to select a “channel”.  Channels are the various connections in IFTTT. Every channel has triggers and/or actions.  You create recipes by connecting the trigger from one channel to the action of another.  In our example, we’ll be using the Facebook channel for our trigger (tagged in a photo) and the Dropbox channel for the action (save the image to a folder).  So first, let’s select the Facebook channel:


If you haven’t already activated Facebook for IFTTT, it will ask you to do so now.

3. Now select the appropriate Trigger from this Facebook channel:


4. Click on “Create Trigger” to complete this part of the setup.


5. Now we have the trigger, we’re going add the “action” to associate it with.  And so click on the blue underlined “That”


6. Select the Dropbox channel (you will need to activate it if you haven’t already).


7. We’re going to select the “Add file from URL” action.


8. Now in this screen, we are going to make a couple of small changes from the default.


I think we should add the “Tagged” folder to the “Dropbox folder path” and also – I add the name of the person who uploaded the image as a prefix to the file name.. just to help with sorting.  You add this from the ingredients section in the right hand side.

9. Press Create Action.

10. Give your recipe a name and then press “Create Recipe”.


That’s it – your done.  Now, whenever someone uploads a photo to Facebook and tags you in it, you will automatically get a copy of that image stored on Dropbox (you’ll now have it even if that person later removes the image).  Off course, you could also use one of the pre-configured recipes on IFTTT to achieve the same, but at least now you know how those are built.