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How to auto tweet and create your own Twitter bot

UPDATE (2015): Please note that Yahoo has now closed down Pipes which is referenced in this article.  See the announcement here: http://pipes.yqlblog.net/post/120705592639/pipes-end-of-life-announcement UPDATE:  Please note that the functionality described in this blog post relises on Twitter API version 1.0 which has now been deprecated by Twitter.  This means that the functionality described may no longer […]

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Management Tip: Trust but Verify

A lot of managers don’t know how to delegate. They understand the task and are able to explain what needs to be done ok.  They allocate the task to a capable person just fine. They even set a time frame for completing the task exactly as you would expect.  But in the end, they don’t […]

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Eliminate Prima Donna’s from your Business

Sometimes you get an employee who is smart, creative, passionate and pretty darn good at what they do; but they are also arrogant, obstructive, demoralising and high maintenance.  This is the prima donna employee and despite their benefits, they are not worth keeping. I’ve had to deal with many prima donna employees during my career […]

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