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Servant Leadership

I came across an article in Inc. Magazine last month on Servant Leadership that really hit the mark for me. The basic premise is summed up by a quote from Kent Keith, CEO of Greenleaf Center of Servant Leadership: “I think the simplest way to explain it would be to say that servant leaders focus […]

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Management Tip: Trust but Verify

A lot of managers don’t know how to delegate. They understand the task and are able to explain what needs to be done ok.  They allocate the task to a capable person just fine. They even set a time frame for completing the task exactly as you would expect.  But in the end, they don’t […]

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How to select a business partner

Running your own business can be either invigorating or exasperating (sometimes both).. and a lot of the time, its your business partner that makes the difference.  Your business partner should share your vision, your enthusiasm and the workload… and the whole thing hinges on a single word – TRUST. In an ideal world, you should […]

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