The toughest 30-day challenge yet

I like 30-day challenges. They allow me to create new habits, break old habits, experiment with diet and exercise and have developed into a little hobby of mine recently.

I was looking at this blog the other day and noticed how infrequently I have been posting over the past 12 months. In my head, however, I have written hundreds of blogs. I think that writing is a great way of learning or rather to ensure that you understand what you have learned by having to explain it clearly to someone else. This past year I have written some amazing time-saving tips, reviewed a few gadgets, angrily tapped out one or two very long political rants, and provided numerous insights on a range of business and marketing concepts. It’s just that none of these posts ever made it to the keyboard.

So for this month, I am going to blog every day – for 30 days – and it is going to be tough.

Writing doesn’t come easily to me and I can always find something else to do, but I also believe that this “getting started” obstacle will erode with practice. I am not going to set any sort of restrictions on this process beyond the daily post and so I warn you now that some may be short; it’s the frequency and the formation of a new habit that are the primary goals here (did I just endorse quantity over quality?).

I’ve been storing blog post ideas in Evernote for years and so I should not have an issue with post topics – although some of those ideas may now have passed their use-by date. I also have a few mini-experiments under way that I would like to write about along with a some recent gadget purchases to review.

So far this year I’ve been breaking my own records for book consumption and have already exceeded what I would normally read in a single year. I also digest thousands of blog posts each day covering topics from business and marketing to psychology and technology. All of this will naturally provide some great content to share but also clearly demonstrates the imbalance between my consumption and my creation.

So here I go; wish me luck.


  1. Just been reading the blogs Matt, loving them. Esp Pivot and to do lists. Good luck this month! Look forward to reading them!

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