Spring Cleaning

It’s the first of April and I am on a mission.

My office at home has become too overwhelming – two printers, two monitors, a desktop PC, a laptop, a cable modem, a network router, a Sonos bridge,  a home automation hub, etc etc.  All of these devices have wires… too many – and although they have always been there, they are really starting to bug me.

So, my big plan today is to simplify.

Do I really need two printers at home?  One is colour and serves primarily as a scanner.  The other is mono and has been out of toner for six weeks.  I’m taking away the monochrome laser and putting it in a closet – if I don’t really need it over the next few months (I obviously haven’t for the past six weeks) then I will remove it completely.  Two less wires and whole lot more desk space.

Do I really need two monitors?  I actually used to have three.. but two at home is nice, but do I need it?  I am seriously thinking moving from a PC to an iMac in the near future.. and so before I do something that drastic, why don’t I see how I get on with just the one huge 27 inch monitor that I already have and put away the second 19″ one?  Two less wires and wow – without the monitor blocking my view, I can see more of our garden (and the neighbours, and their neighbours, and so on).

Better. But there are still too many wires?  Why?  Monitor, web cam, mouse, keyboard, speakers, network cable..   What really attracts me to the “all in one” style of device like the iMac is that everything is either built-in or bluetooth – one power cable and that’s it.  I might see if I can bluetooth some of my current devices (keyboard and mouse) with this PC and see where that goes.. but I’d still have webcam wires, speakers… and then all the power cables under my desk… and that doesn’t start to scratch the surface of power cables and network cables tucked behind a filing cabinet for my cable modem, network router, etc…

I think this process today will only get so far.. I can tidy the wires, but never eliminate them completely… and that iMac is calling me.