Blogging with Evernote Tip

Evernote is my second brain now.  I use it to store all kinds of things – meeting notes, useful blogs and other sites, goals, every book I have read in the past 10 years.. and more recently, I’ve been using it for blogging.

I use Evernote to keep a growing list of blog topic ideas, but I also sometime use it to actually write the blog posts.  Sometimes I start one.. and then leave it alone for a bit and writing “offline” gives me a better user experience sometimes.

The Problem

Once I have written the post, I then open up WordPress and copy and paste it into a new post.  This works nearly perfectly.  Formatting like bullets, bold, links, etc are all retained.  There is, however, one huge problem – paragraphs are not spaced properly when your post is published.  This naturally will depend on your theme and the css you use, but here’s how it looks on my own site:

The reason for this issue is that Evernote uses the “div” tag around each paragraph instead of “p”.  Again – this may work perfectly on your wordpress site if the theme has been set up correctly, but I know a number of people who have experienced this same issue and so I thought I’d document the solution.

The Solution

All we need to do is replace the div tags with p tags.

1. In wordpress, click on the HTML tab.

2. Select all of the text in the editor and copy to the clipboard.

3. Go to a text editor – on Windows you can use Notepad – and paste in the text from WordPress.

4. Then select “Edit” from the menu and then “Replace..” and enter “<div>” in the “Find what” field and “<p>” in the “Replace with” field and then select “Replace All”

5. And then enter “</div>” (note the “/”) in the “Find what” field and “</p>” in the “Replace with” field and then select “Replace All” again.

6. You can press cancel to close the find/replace dialog.

7. Now copy the contents from the text editor to the clipboard and replace the contents in wordpress (replacing all <div>’s with <p>’s)


And that’s it.  It’s a pain.. but sometimes I find writing in Evernote more convenient and so it is worth putting up with this little issue.