Still amazed by the iPad almost two years later.

I still find myself amazed by the iPad.. more than eighteen months later.  This is a thought that came to me just now while I on holiday and watching Xfactor with my wife on the ITVPlayer app.

I started to think about how much I’ve used my iPad today and the variety too:

  • Started the day reading the news – Sunday Times App
  • Caught up with email
  • Then caught up with the TV news by watching BBC News
  • A bit of twitter
  • Read my daily deluge of RSS feeds / blogs using Reeder.
  • Caught up on Facebook
  • After our long country walk, I spent the day reading a book on the Kindle app (using the iPad and not the Kindle device)
  • Watched the Liverpool v Chelsea match live on the Sky Sports mobile app
  • Some more reading on the Kindle, some more catching up with Reeder
  • and now, watching XFactor on the ITVPlayer.
We spent the weekend with friends who also have an iPad yet only seem to use it for Facebook and the web – not even email, not even shopping, not even BBC iPlayer.  It was so strange.. this is a truly amazing device and far more versatile than anything that has ever existed before it.  I can’t imagine the world before it.