Reeder: My New Favorite App for Google Reader on iPad and iPhone

This is an update to a previous blog on iPad / iPhone apps for Google Reader.  I had been using the NewsRack app for iPad for sometime and really liked it.  That was until someone commented on the blog and suggested I try Reeder.  I did.. although initially hesitant, I never looked back.. it is truly excellent.

Perhaps I didn’t come across it initially because I don’t use a Mac as my laptop or desktop. It has a strong following on the Mac and carries the well designed, good looks from that world on to the iPad / iPhone.  NewsRack was always great functionally, but it didn’t win any prizes for design; Reeder clearly achieves both.

Please note that the iPad and iPhone apps are sold separately on iTunes, here’s the links:

The iPhone app is $2.99 / £1.99 from iTunes.
The iPad app is $4.99 / £2.99 from iTunes.

Once you have downloaded, installed and configured Reeder to connect to your Google Reader account, you can view your feeds in “stacks” based on the categories/folders that you have assigned to them.  This is different from NewsRack’s folder view, but I prefer it now.

You can select to read just a single group or all unread items in your RSS feed.  You are then presented with list with a snippet of the blogs/item sorted either by date or by group/folder.

In portrait mode, it looks like this:

and in landscape mode, it shows both the list on the left, and the full text of the blog/item on the right:

This is useful to quickly browse the titles of posts, but I tend to read in portrait mode and tap one level deeper into the story/blog itself:

When you do this – you simply read the whole story and when you are finished or would like to skip ahead tap on the down arrow on the left hand side.

Now – this is my only main complaint with this app.  The fact that the sidebar is ONLY on the left.  Sometimes, when reading I would prefer to go to the next page with my right hand (perhaps the iPad is leaning against the arm of a chair, etc).  Turning the page with your right requires you to reach over the device and tap on the arrow down.  I would expect to be able to move the sidebar from one side to the other in one of the configuration options.

Any links to websites in a blog can be opened within Reeder.

And all items can be shared very nicely from within Reeder on the feed or within the Reeder browser (without the mail article option).  In fact the social sharing options are superior to the NewsRack options with the complete list of available items here:

So if you downloaded and used NewsRack on my previous recommendation, then don’t worry – its still a great app.  But Reeder is the new champion for me and I highly recommend you give it a chance.


  1. My interface doesn’t look like yours on the iPad. Disappointed with the small screen & blurry resolution when I select 2x to see it larger. I’m new to the iPad, so is there a setting I’m missing?

  2. Sounds like you are using the iPhone app and not the iPad app.  Go to the App Store on your iPad and download the Reeder app.  That should sort it for you.

  3. I clicked through on the link you provided and the version it took me to said it was compatible with the iPhone and iPad, so I assumed there was only one version. You might want to add a note about that in your post. It is unfortunate that I had to pay $3 and then another $5 for two versions of an app when I’m not likely to use the iPhone version. Oh well.

  4. My apologies – I have now edited this post to rectify any confusion caused.  Thanks so much for your feedback.

  5. You can’t comment on the blog post themselves within the app (nor can you within Google Reader).. but you can click on the title of the blog post and be taken directly to the source so that you can easily enough — and actually, when you do that – you are still “within” the app technically so you don’t lose your place etc.

  6. Absolutely.  It synchronises with your feed getting a local copy of it’s contents and will even cache the images so that you can take it and read it offline.

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