My first full day with new camera – Nikon P900

Yesterday, I finally got a chance to put my new Nikon Coolpix P900 camera through it’s paces at the America’s Cup World Series (Portsmouth).

The event was very crowded and my wife and I arrived too late to get a decent viewing position – but I guess that matters less when you have a 83x / 2000mm zoom on your camera.  So we found a place to sit further along the beach and waited.

My main concern with shooting sailboats that travel 50 mph and are 1km-2km away from me was blur and focus.  After trying a number of the different options – Auto-mode, Sport-scene, etc – I opted for Shutter-priority set at 1/640.

Here’s a few of the shots from the race – again, note that I am between 1km and 2km away from these guys and there’s some sea haze impacting the clarity somewhat – the zoom on this camera is nothing short of amazing.

0F09B0AD-504D-4241-A9E1-927341A3E5BF 2B2E1BE6-AD4C-4059-90F4-14F6A4EAD326 5D45BD14-4EA0-4D6E-9BC2-8AEC1B269393 6E1D5A8C-1776-46B8-990C-7A5A5ECDDF36 27B127D9-630B-4C95-BD69-2D280CEE3928 85A91F0D-0221-4E3B-A9B3-A88B382E18C2 6632E561-C495-4467-BC1D-0E7545BC250F 63671B0B-002A-4055-8569-C1B4FC776D98 072824A8-E44F-4E36-A6C4-3CE976FD5189 567276B2-FE12-45E9-8DC1-53DB0F4BB6FC 51822824-E0B3-4AEC-AAFE-6A536CE6178A A5B76C21-BB0D-4B7E-9784-8167A02DFBFC B843CA2E-E301-4043-85BC-34D42B3928A3 BFA45434-4C16-4A82-9296-1C24056D0D87 CF0F8825-D618-42B3-915C-E7C4C4D648C3 D2ECD621-DC15-4DE4-9B9F-CA04364B8BD6

Despite these shots, I found the camera frustrating at times.  There is a delay from releasing the shutter to when you can take another photo – even with the display off.  I tried the various burst mode options but they actually disable the shutter after the release while it takes the series of photos which I found really bizarre.  But this is just something you get used to I suspect – not a bad trade off considering everything else.

Later that evening, we went to the concert and I messed around with taking some photos. Again, we were pretty far away and naturally it became problematic as the light started to fade. But here’s a few snaps of.. McBusted (sigh).

DSCN0825 DSCN0827 DSCN0828 DSCN0855

And finally, I hadn’t had a chance until now to try a “moon shot” and so here it is.


This camera is so awesome.




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