iPhone apps to help you meditate

I am a relative newcomer to the mindfulness movement having only started on this journey last December. Even so, I absolutely love it and have consumed just about everything I can find about mindfullness, meditation and the narrative mindset this past year. Along the way, I have also discovered a few apps for my iPhone that have really helped too.

Mindfulness Daily

The first app is called Mindfulness Daily and costs just £1.49. This was also the first one that I used.

Mindfulness Daily screen

I like it because it has a 20-day course on mindfulness that covers the various forms of meditation (breath, body scan, object focus, kindness, etc). I no longer use the guided meditations because I find them too short, but during the first few months they were invaluable.

I still have this app on my phone (and my Apple Watch) as it provides a very handy little notification at various points during the day that reminds me to stop and centre myself and become more present (i.e. be more mindful). This works because the simple act of thinking about mindfulness automatically makes you become more mindful.


Buddhify has to be one of the best guided meditation apps available for your iPhone and costs £3.99.

It has a really fantastic spinning wheel UI that allows you to select the type of meditation based on what you are doing (travelling, trying to get to sleep, stressed, walking around, etc). It is completely unique and very well conceived.

Buddhify Screen

Once you select the type of meditation, you than then select a variation based on the length or style. For example – the “At home” section offers “Arrive” for 10 mins, “Together” for 10 mins, “Chores” for 6 mins, “Cook” for 7 mins, and “Bubbles” for 7 mins. Obviously, they are not all “meditations” in any sort of strict sense – but they definitely help you relax, focus and be more mindful.


The third app that I would recommend is called Calm and is free, but has an in-app subscription for the “Pro” version.

Calm Screen

It has a daily program in a similar way than Mindulness Daily has – but also has really great guided meditations too. I subscribed to the Pro version because there are more types of guided meditations available. I also really like that many of the guided meditations last up to 30 minutes.

So that’s my top three – Mindfulness Daily, Buddhify and Calm. If you want something light and easy that you can use anywhere – choose Buddhify – it really is excellent. If you want to really better understand meditation from a mindfulness point of view, then get Mindfulness Daily. And finally, if you want guided meditations that are a bit deeper and have the option of lasting longer – then Calm is the app for you.