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Recently, the “virtual” pop group Gorillaz recorded and released an album that was created entirely on the iPad.  Most of this was done while they were on tour – composing and recording on the tour bus itself.

Everyone talks about how the iPad is a device primarily for media consumption – but apparently you can create and produce media just as well.

The Gorillaz are always pretty open about their work – often allowing it to be downloaded for free.  They are just as open about how they recorded this album by providing a list of the apps they used.

18 Apps to Create your own Music Studio (via Gorillaz)


StudioMini XL

A powerful yet easy to use recording studio with CD quality audio, pro audio loops, multitrack (8 tracks), etc.

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Speak it! Text to Speech

A text to speech translation engine.

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Translates drawn lines into music.

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A virtual “analog” beatbox

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Mellotronics M3000

An iPad simulation of the classic 1960s tape replay instrument the Mellotron (think “Knights in White Satin”)

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A virtual analog bass synthesizer with built-in step sequencer and on-board effects

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A playback sampler with SoundFont support that can be used for keyboard instrument, MIDI sound module, and MIDI player.

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A microtonal capable distortion synthesizer with an 11-string bass guitar layout.

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Moog Filtatron

A real-time audio effects suite for studio artists.

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Simple but effective synthesizer.

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Sylo Synthesiser

Sylo Synthesiser allows you to play music, or create sound effects, using sounds you can design yourself with the iPad’s microphone.

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XENON Groove Synthesizer

A polyphonic hybrid synthesizer that includes monophonic synthesizers, polyphonic PCM synthesizer, rhythm machine, sequencer, mixer and a number of sound presets.

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FunkBox Drum Machine

A beatbox designed to simulate the sounds from the 70s and 80s using original audio samples taken directly from collection of vintage drum machines.

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Gliss lets you play sound files and mix them easily by drawing on your iPad.

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Guitar and bass multi-effect processor and mobile recording studio

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A chromatic instrument tuner and pitch pipe that allows you to accurately tune your instrument using the built-in mic on your iPad.

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A polyphonic synthesizer with more than 40 instruments, pitch bend wheel, etc.

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iOrgel HD

A digital “wind up” music box that you can also invent your own songs.

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Additional App(s)


This is a great app that supplies the studio and the instruments.  It wasn’t available when Gorillaz recorded their album and so am sure that is why it was not used.

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  1. You’re right.. this was the list that Gorillaz used to create their album but GarageBand wasn’t available then. I’ll add it as a bonus edit. Thanks

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