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The wordpress iPad app is nice, but does not provide a pleasant environment for writing blogs in my opinion. And so when I read about a new app called DraftCraft designed for doing nothing else but writing.. I thought I’d download it and give it a go. In fact, I am writing this review using the app now which seemed the most appropriate method to test it.

Just write

First impressions are positive. It really provides you with a nice clean UI in which you don’t need to think about issues like HTML, templates, etc. The idea is the you just focus on writing.

There’s only basic formatting options – partly down to a limitation with the iPad itself I suppose, but this isn’t a bad thing really as sometimes you can a bit too much time messing around with the layout.

You can embed photos:

But once again you have very limited options in terms of editing them.

The key is in the Name

This is a very nice app for writing blogs and getting your thoughts down in a clean and user friendly environment. There are limitations to the formatting you can apply – lists, bullets, headers, etc. Photos can be embedded, but any editing needs to be done outside the app.

The name of the app is DraftCraft and if you want a place to simply store your drafts, then this is the all for you. I have done this before in Evernote, but the DraftCraft environment is far more pleasant.


You can post to WordPress blogs and a handful of others (Blogger, LiveJournal, etc) but depending on how much reformatting you will require you may only want to use this app for writing and then copy and paste into the WordPress app. Or send it to your WordPress blog in draft form and then edit it there.

All in all – nice app for writing, limited in functionality – but that may be exactly what you need to get your thoughts down.

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  1. I just tried them both. do not waste your time. Get Blogsy.

    It is miles ahead.


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