I need a Kindle to go with my iPad

I love my new iPad.  It goes most places with me these days and fits nicely in between my laptop and my phone.

I read a lot.  When I say a lot, I mean several hundred blog posts per day, a couple of books per month, never-ending magazine articles, and lots of news.  The iPad is the perfect device for me because of this.  Perfect until I take it outside that is.

The iPad is unbelievably terrible outside – in any sort of bright conditions.  Once the sun starts to shine, the only thing you’ll be reading are the wrinkles on your face.  It quickly becomes a very expensive mirror.  (The perspective is usually not very flattering either)

The Amazon Kindle is not an iPad.  It is not a tablet computer.  It is an eReader.  It uses e-Ink and it is excellent in bright conditions.  You can’t watch YouTube videos or play Castle Wolfenstein on it.. but you can read books, blogs, and magazines by the pool or on the beach.  Take that Apple.

When I go on holiday, my iPad will come with me of course.  But I would love to be able to read outdoors and so am seriously considering an Amazon Kindle device.

Amazon offers its Kindle book reader as software too.  There’s an app for both the iPad and iPhone.  The nice thing about this (actually, the awesome thing about this) is that they can be synchronised.  So if you purchase a book from Amazon for the Kindle, it will be available on all Kindle platforms – Amazon’s Kindle Reader, the iPad or your iPhone.   When you read a book, you can set bookmarks and these will also be synchronised.

This means you can start reading your book on your iPad while on the plane out.  Continue reading next to the pool on your Kindle.  Finish up on your iPhone while siteseeing.  Same book.  One purchase.  Multiple devices.  Nice.

So, I am thinking about an Amazon Kindle (but not the bags full of chargers required to travel with so many devices).


  1. Hi Matt,

    Came for the tips on iPad mapping apps and saw this post, so I thought I would comment.

    This is the combination I have and would really recommend going for it, the Kindle is wonderful for reading and if you get the 3G version it also has a limited browsing capability, good for blogs and text heavy sites.

    As for chargers the Kindle one is just a plug like the ones for iPhone, I’ve not read the specs but it might even be the same as the iPhone USB adapter

    enjoy 🙂

  2. Hi Stephen – thanks for that.

    I did get a Kindle in the end – and love it. In fact, the reason for my delay in responding to you was that I have just returned from holiday where the Kindle got far more use than the iPad due to the sunny conditions.

    Thanks for commenting.

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