How to use Siri to manage your shopping list

My wife and I have been using Siri in a simple but very useful way over the past few months – to manage our supermarket shopping lists!

When we run out of something and need to add it to a shopping list, we simply ask Siri to add it — with no need to open an app or to tap anything into a keyboard. When either (or both) of us stop by the grocery store, we have the list of items that we had added available to us instantly and just get what we need. It works so great.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Open the Reminders app. I think that Reminders were originally designed for tasks (“don’t forget to water the lawn”, etc). I’ve never really used them before now, but they also work perfectly for lists like this too. If you can’t find it – just search Spotlight for “Reminders” as it is installed by default on your iPhone, iPad and your Mac.

2. Create a reminders list called “Shopping” or what ever you works for you – by clicking on the “New List” item and typing in the name and press Done.

Siri - New Reminder

3. If you want to Share this list with your other half, then tap on Edit and then tap on Sharing. Then simply Add the contacts that you would like to share this list with

Siri Share Reminders

That’s it. Now – just use Siri to add items by saying – “Hey Siri, add [bananas] to my shopping list” etc etc. Better than typing and you can do add things as soon as you run out of them.

Have fun.