How to correct lens distortion with Phantom Vision+ photos

With it’s 14 megapixel camera, the Phantom Vision+ takes some great photos but they unfortunately suffer from distortion which is especially noticeable at higher elevations or when using the wide angle lens.  But if you use Photoshop, then this issue can be fixed pretty easily.

Correct Lens Distortion DJI Phantom Vision Plus

As you can see from this image, the results are pretty impressive. And so, here’s how to do it.

1. Load your original photo (the one to be corrected) into Photoshop.

 Lens Distortion Step 1

2. From the Filter menu, select “Lens Distortion”

Lens Distortion Step 2

3.  Photoshop already picks up the camera make of DJI from the meta data in your photo, you just need to select the camera model in the drop down (the Vision+ is an FC200).

Lens Distortion Step 3

4. And you will automatically see the corrected photo:

Lens Distortion Step 4

5.  Now simply press OK and you are back to Photoshop so that you can save the image, adjust it further etc.

If you shoot your images in RAW, then the process is similar – but you will be using the Adobe RAW Plugin (currently at 8.5).

1. Simply open the RAW image (DNG file) via Photoshop and the plugin will automatically open.

Lens Distortion Raw Step 1

2. Click on the Lens Correction icon on the right hand side

Lens Distortion Raw Step 2

3. Select “Enable Lens Profile Corrections” – and it should automatically make the correction for you.  If it hasn’t already selected the Camera Model (perhaps you went straight to RAW), then select FC200 from the drop down menu.

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 17.09.58

4. Press Done to take you back to Photoshop.

That’s it – amazingly simple and your awesome drone images now look even better!