Social Media.. trying to include too much

It is difficult to attend a networking event, conference, or marketing shin-dig without people trying to establish their social media credentials in one way or another.  There is a bandwagon passing through and everyone is trying to jump aboard.

Social Media and its derivatives is the latest “hot thing” – the “new black” if you will.   Although people were getting excited about the possibilities for some time, the buzz is mainly being driven more recently by sites like Facebook and Twitter entering the mainstream.

For me, the problem is that almost everything related to the Internet is part of “social media”.  I found this chart the other day which demonstrates my point:

Social Media Landscape

When social media includes everything from YouTube to Twitter to World of Warcraft, shouldn’t we start to either refine the definition or segment the massive category that this has become?   What percentage of today’s web isn’t social media I wonder?

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