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The 100 year company

There’s been this series of intersecting ideas coming at me lately centered around business strategy and the planning time-horizon. Recently, Evernote announced that their latest round of funding was not an exit strategy for its founders but a foundation for building a “100 year company” I read Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh that describes how Zappos was built and […]

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Small Business is like a Viking Ship

Think about your small-medium business as a viking ship. These amazing crafts were fast, nimble and could travel great distances to deliver the viking “brand”.  They were capable in deep water but were particularly effective in shallow water – places larger ships could not venture (think lean economic times and niche). The leader (CEO/MD) would […]

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Listen to Audiobooks

I have always been a big fan of audiobooks. Did you know that you can get the equivalent of a university education in terms of classroom time during your commute to work in just a few years?  Most university students spend 10 hours or so per week in class and about 250 hours per year; […]

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Instagram: the what, where, how and why of Instagram

Instagram is a new social network for sharing pictures – basically, it is like Twitter for photos but with Facebook’s like button.  It launched in October 2010 and already has over 5 million users (in only nine months).  It has had more than 100 million photos uploaded at a current rate of 860,000 per day.  Instagram is […]

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How to auto tweet and create your own Twitter bot

UPDATE (2015): Please note that Yahoo has now closed down Pipes which is referenced in this article.  See the announcement here: UPDATE:  Please note that the functionality described in this blog post relises on Twitter API version 1.0 which has now been deprecated by Twitter.  This means that the functionality described may no longer […]

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Google+ should be targeting LinkedIn not Facebook

This week, Google launched its latest social media initiative – Google+. If you wanted to describe it to someone, you would say – “it’s like Facebook, but from Google”.  And that it seems is what the vast majority of blogs, tweets, articles and other reviews have been saying.  Everyone is comparing Google+ to the power […]

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Once upon a time, not so long ago.. you were able to keep your personal life and your work life completely separate. You could effectively be two different people or at least have two completely different personalities and no one would ever know.  And then came social networking sites such as Facebook. In a book called The Facebook Effect, Mark […]

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Customer or Client?

I’ve been involved in a few discussions recently on whether we have customers or clients.  For some, this may be a mere matter of semantics – saying that the terms are interchangeable.  But I think a business needs to be consistent in their reference and we haven’t been. Customer vs Client – what is the […]

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