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Hey Siri, Open Google.. OK, Google

Siri’s not that smart. Don’t get my wrong, I really like Siri and use her frequently for dictation, timers and simple tasks like playing music and opening apps. But when it comes to knowledge, she’s just not all there. This is an area that Apple really needs to work on. Perhaps considering IBM’s current stock […]

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books 2014

My 2014 Reading List

I finally got my site moved to a new host which removed any excuse not to start writing again… and so here is my first post for 2015 – my reading list from 2014. I read so many great non-fiction books every year and I started to become concerned that I was forgetting some of […]

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Binary Paper

How to Automatically OCR Scanned PDF Docs

I moved to a paperless office system a few years back. This means that any and all statements, invoices, bills and receipts get scanned, OCR’d, stored on a secure drive and then shredded. The OCR aspect of this is important as it means that the scanned documents are indexed and searchable by Spotlight on my […]

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My 2013 Reading List

My reading list for 2013 wasn’t quite as long as in “the year of the bookworm” of 2012, but I still covered some excellent books and learned so much. There were so many good ones in fact that I must begin to re-read previous year’s books more regularly (a new year’s resolution I think). The […]

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30 Day Trial

My 30-day challenge

I started on new 30-day challenge today. I do this every couple of months. This one is to test the theories around intermittent fasting – and so it means I skip breakfast and limit when I eat to an eight hour “feeding window”. Nothing before noon and nothing but water after 8pm. I’m optimistic, albeit […]

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