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My 2015 reading list

Last year (2015) was a surprisingly busy year for reading – 75 books?  I’m not sure why my list is so long compared to previous years as nothing really changed including my usual late-summer slump where I suffer a reading burn-out and read practically nothing for around 5-6 weeks. I did keep up the habit that I started in […]

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Garden Gadgets

Gadgets for gardeners

I love nice gardens but do not have the patience for gardening. I know lots of people who love the whole cathartic side of gardening, and friends who are professional garden designers, and a sister-in-law who is a certified master gardener. Computer-assisted Gardening For me, I tend to give too much “love” to my garden […]

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books 2014

My 2014 Reading List

I finally got my site moved to a new host which removed any excuse not to start writing again… and so here is my first post for 2015 – my reading list from 2014. I read so many great non-fiction books every year and I started to become concerned that I was forgetting some of […]

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My 2013 Reading List

My reading list for 2013 wasn’t quite as long as in “the year of the bookworm” of 2012, but I still covered some excellent books and learned so much. There were so many good ones in fact that I must begin to re-read previous year’s books more regularly (a new year’s resolution I think). The […]

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