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Mastery is Progress

A couple of my employees were invited to speak at the local university recently to discuss their jobs and their career choices with students. They asked me if I had any advice for them that they could share; they may have regretted that question after 45 minutes of my response. You see, there seems to […]

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Content Curation Apps for the iPad

Sharing content that you think would interest your social media network (friends or followers) is a great way of starting conversations, getting noticed and making new connections.  I use a number of apps to help keep informed, monitor trends and ultimately share to my social media networks of choice (mostly Twitter). There are two methods […]

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The Farmer’s Creed

There’s a lot written in blogs and in books about Values – both corporate and personal. Zappos, for example, created its 10 core values as the foundation for the entire company – their culture, their self-image, the benchmark against which each employee is measured.   Values become the collective morale compass for a business.  But […]

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