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Disconnecting from work email

An experiment in disabling email when on holiday

Taking a vacation in a place where there is no internet access is becoming increasingly difficult (and unwanted) and this sort “digital detox by force” is pretty impossible.  Internet access is everywhere these days and why wouldn’t you want to be able to watch Netflix while on holiday or be able to share photos of […]

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Garden Gadgets

Gadgets for gardeners

I love nice gardens but do not have the patience for gardening. I know lots of people who love the whole cathartic side of gardening, and friends who are professional garden designers, and a sister-in-law who is a certified master gardener. Computer-assisted Gardening For me, I tend to give too much “love” to my garden […]

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Meditation Apps

iPhone apps to help you meditate

I am a relative newcomer to the mindfulness movement having only started on this journey last December. Even so, I absolutely love it and have consumed just about everything I can find about mindfullness, meditation and the narrative mindset this past year. Along the way, I have also discovered a few apps for my iPhone […]

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Mock ups for non-designers

Good, concise and clear communication between designer, systems analyst, software developer and the “customer” is crucial for any system that is being conjured out of thin air.  If asked to imagine what the end product will look like, each stakeholder will have a different vision; and the problems start there and only escalate.  To minimize […]

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How to use OCR in Evernote

I love Evernote – it’s become my second brain over the past couple of years – but I only just discovered its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) facility.  This means that any images or PDFs you store in Evernote will be processed and indexed so that you can find them again based on their contents. This […]

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Chrome for iPad and iPhone – a Review

I’m a big fan of Chrome on the PC, and so when Google released Chrome for the iOS platforms (iPad and iPhone), I had to try it. When you first load the app, it asks you to log into Chrome.  One of the major benefits of this app is that you can synchronize Chrome between all your […]

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Get more out of Twitter

It is so easy to become overwhelmed by Twitter.  Once you start following more than a 100 people the timeline can quickly become a fast flowing “fire hose” of information.  Once you start following more than 500 you could spend all day trying to keep up to date and informed.  I think a lot of […]

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