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Google is an Artificial Intelligence Company

Google is search – right? It has a big database of websites and other internet documents and is fantastic at letting you find what you are looking for within it.  It spends a lot of money crawling the web and on developing sophisticated algorithms that make your searches more and more relevant.  It also makes […]

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My favourite methods for music discovery

I don’t listen to the radio.  I dislike radio advertising for both the interruption, volume increases, and the overall quality.  I also don’t like DJ’s generally – with the possible exception of morning radio shows.  I just want to listen to the music – perhaps with some news every now and then. I listen to my own […]

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Content Curation Apps for the iPad

Sharing content that you think would interest your social media network (friends or followers) is a great way of starting conversations, getting noticed and making new connections.  I use a number of apps to help keep informed, monitor trends and ultimately share to my social media networks of choice (mostly Twitter). There are two methods […]

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