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New name for Google's AI

Google needs a new name for their AI

Even with being misspelled, Google is a fantastic name. Other company names never achieved the “verb factor” – where “Googling” something has become embedded into our global lexicon. But times are changing and I really think that Google needs to reconsider their current strategy when it comes to their virtual assistant technology; their “AI”. If […]

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Hey Siri, Open Google.. OK, Google

Siri’s not that smart. Don’t get my wrong, I really like Siri and use her frequently for dictation, timers and simple tasks like playing music and opening apps. But when it comes to knowledge, she’s just not all there. This is an area that Apple really needs to work on. Perhaps considering IBM’s current stock […]

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What was marketing called before 1900?

Google has a great little tool called Ngram that is fascinating and an incredibly underutilised resource. You simply provide one or more words and Ngram charts the number of times that those words appear in books throughout history (Google has scanned millions of books from libraries around the world). Today, I put in Marketing and […]

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Google is an Artificial Intelligence Company

Google is search – right? It has a big database of websites and other internet documents and is fantastic at letting you find what you are looking for within it.  It spends a lot of money crawling the web and on developing sophisticated algorithms that make your searches more and more relevant.  It also makes […]

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