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Autonomous Drone Bantham Photo

My first autonomous flight – now it’s a drone

I’ve always considered the term “drone” to be an emotive word.  Most of the devices out there are simply radio-controlled model aircraft with a small camera attached – devices that have been around for decades without any real public or media interest.  For me, in order for something to really become a drone it needs to […]

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phantom vision plus cover

First Flight with DJI Phantom Vision+ Drone

Flying cameras – what’s not to love? I recently replaced my Parrot AR Drone with the latest from DJI – a Phantom 2 Vision+. I found that the Parrot Drone has too many flaws and I stopped flying it. Despite claiming an “HD” camera, the photo and video quality of the AR Drone is relatively […]

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How to use OCR in Evernote

I love Evernote – it’s become my second brain over the past couple of years – but I only just discovered its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) facility.  This means that any images or PDFs you store in Evernote will be processed and indexed so that you can find them again based on their contents. This […]

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My favourite methods for music discovery

I don’t listen to the radio.  I dislike radio advertising for both the interruption, volume increases, and the overall quality.  I also don’t like DJ’s generally – with the possible exception of morning radio shows.  I just want to listen to the music – perhaps with some news every now and then. I listen to my own […]

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Best TV Guide Apps for the iPad (UK)

It really surprises me how few decent TV-guide apps there are for the iPad.    Especially when you consider that more than 24% of iPad users state that they regularly use the iPad while watching TV.  This may be down to electronic programming guides (EPG) on the major platforms like Virgin and Sky have significantly improved over […]

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Blogsy – the blogging app for the iPad

It’s a beautiful late-spring morning and I’m writing this blog while sitting in my garden. And that’s the great thing about the iPad – it goes where you go, more easily than so many other devices. Originally, when the iPad was first released – everyone said that it was purely for consumption; you won’t be […]

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