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How to Setup the Sky+ iPhone App

The Sky+ app for the iPhone is one of my favorites.  It seems beyond the realms of possibility to many people when I show them.  It’s usually followed by a quick download from the AppStore.. and then a “what now?”.   So I thought I’d write this setup guide to make it a bit easier to […]

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Online backup providers – a winner at last

I’ve been using online backup services for a couple of years now – both personally and professionally.  I often find myself disappointed with one or more services and end up switching every six months or so but I think that I have finally found a keeper. During the past couple of years, I have been […]

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New Approach to the CAPTCHA Problem

There is nothing worse than receiving a few hundred automated enquiry form submissions per day generated by spammers using “bots”.   At Vertical Leap, until we put up a CAPTCHA on our enquiry forms – this is how many we were getting. Maybe it was because we have the word “Search” in our web site title […]

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