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New name for Google's AI

Google needs a new name for their AI

Even with being misspelled, Google is a fantastic name. Other company names never achieved the “verb factor” – where “Googling” something has become embedded into our global lexicon. But times are changing and I really think that Google needs to reconsider their current strategy when it comes to their virtual assistant technology; their “AI”. If […]

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Remove Duplicates is like Whack a Mole

How to remove duplicates from a list

I recently had a list of future blog topics stored in Evernote that suddenly became more complicated due to some synchronisation issues (one list became one list with three sections).  I’ve also had people at work ask about de-duplicating a list of contacts with email addresses and also a list of links for a site […]

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Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 17.37.45

This is the best wifi router on the market

My house hates wifi. There’s always been a few places where the signal is either terrible or non-existent – and of course the worst place is “my chair” where I use my iPad and laptop the most. And I’ve tried everything to fill the gaps – wifi extenders, multiple access points, powerline networking, and so […]

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Hey Siri, Open Google.. OK, Google

Siri’s not that smart. Don’t get my wrong, I really like Siri and use her frequently for dictation, timers and simple tasks like playing music and opening apps. But when it comes to knowledge, she’s just not all there. This is an area that Apple really needs to work on. Perhaps considering IBM’s current stock […]

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Your own private Facebook

Social media platforms like Facebook are great places to share information with your friends and family. But sometimes, people over-share. They document every cup of coffee, every baby photo, every holiday snap and every opinion or mishap. Some of these posts are interesting to the rest of us, but sometimes they are simply a form […]

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Binary Paper

How to Automatically OCR Scanned PDF Docs

I moved to a paperless office system a few years back. This means that any and all statements, invoices, bills and receipts get scanned, OCR’d, stored on a secure drive and then shredded. The OCR aspect of this is important as it means that the scanned documents are indexed and searchable by Spotlight on my […]

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Bird Nest in Tree

Nested Tagging is the Future

I’ve always thought that adding tags to files, iPhoto photos and blog content was a useful form of categorisation; but nothing more. After using Evernote’s nested tags for the past month, I now believe that this is how we will organise our digital media in the future.. simple, yet completely game-changing. Folders and sub-folders We […]

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