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European VAT Rates and the UK

Our value added tax (VAT) rate is being increased in January 2011 to 20% here in the UK. It took a lot to get used to 17.5% when I first moved here from Texas.  Sales tax for most items when I was growing up was at 8.25% tops.  This new increase is a bitter pill; […]

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Sad for America

I am currently on a flight back from Texas a few days after my mother’s funeral. So naturally, I am sad – but not just for that. I am sad for America. Although I was born in England, I have always considered myself to be American. I grew up there. I went to High School […]

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Social Media.. trying to include too much

It is difficult to attend a networking event, conference, or marketing shin-dig without people trying to establish their social media credentials in one way or another.  There is a bandwagon passing through and everyone is trying to jump aboard. Social Media and its derivatives is the latest “hot thing” – the “new black” if you […]

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