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Understanding Taxation

If you like paying taxes raise your hand.  Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? With all this austerity going on around us, television news channels and some newspapers have produced various “special reports” trying to explain what it all means.  They’ve been pretty good at explaining complex macroeconomics concepts, but they never quite got to the basics in […]

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Thankful for the GP who looked beyond normal

It’s Thanksgiving and I want to deviate a little from my normal topics to give thanks to someone who has recently made a real impact on my life. In 1994, I dropped about 30lbs in weight very quickly and unexpectedly.   This combined with some very shaky hands and a rapid heart beat made it pretty […]

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The Filter Bubble – Book Review and Notes

I just finished The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding from You by Eli Pariser. This is an excellent book covering the issues involved with the increasing move towards personalisation (filtering) being implemented by Google, Facebook and many other companies (plenty of iPad apps that do this now too).  This is something that I […]

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Advice on Buying an Overseas Holiday Home

My wife and I bought a holiday home in France 11 years ago as an investment “with benefits.”  The idea was that we would purchase a property in a market with strong capital growth, rent it out for as many weeks of the year as possible, and visit every now and then when it wasn’t […]

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How to schedule tweets and why

One of the great things about Twitter is that you can easily share links to news, web sites, blog posts, and articles to your followers hoping that they will also find them useful.  It is one part of being an online “Maven” – sharing your knowledge and information relating to your areas of interest and […]

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Does Google need a Rock Star CEO?

Let’s call it the Steve Jobs effect – the visionary and charismatic CEO of Apple.  People want to work for him.  Media want to talk to him.  Shareholders invest in him – Apple’s stock price fluctuated on whether or not he is ill or if he is going to present the new products or not.  […]

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Is Twitter an MMORPG?

Have you noticed how many users on Twitter seem to treat it like a game – tracking various stats and competing with other users on follower numbers, retweets, etc?  Have you also seen or perhaps experienced the addictive nature of Twitter?  It seems to me that Twitter shares many of the same qualities of a […]

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Moved… at last

In preparation for me actually starting to write this blog, I have had a “move blog to its own web server” for about 6 months or so in my to-do list…. well I’ve finally done it. Just need to make a few more tweaks in terms of plug-ins and select an appropriate theme and I […]

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