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Disconnecting from work email

An experiment in disabling email when on holiday

Taking a vacation in a place where there is no internet access is becoming increasingly difficult (and unwanted) and this sort “digital detox by force” is pretty impossible.  Internet access is everywhere these days and why wouldn’t you want to be able to watch Netflix while on holiday or be able to share photos of […]

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My 2015 reading list

Last year (2015) was a surprisingly busy year for reading – 75 books?  I’m not sure why my list is so long compared to previous years as nothing really changed including my usual late-summer slump where I suffer a reading burn-out and read practically nothing for around 5-6 weeks. I did keep up the habit that I started in […]

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Recommendation engines and your “you loop”

Recommendation engines are great. They help you discover movies, music, books and all manner of other products and content that you might like. But they also perpetuate something called the “you loop”. The “you loop” was described in Eli Pariser’s The Filter Bubble and occurs when you watch, buy or even click on something and […]

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books 2014

My 2014 Reading List

I finally got my site moved to a new host which removed any excuse not to start writing again… and so here is my first post for 2015 – my reading list from 2014. I read so many great non-fiction books every year and I started to become concerned that I was forgetting some of […]

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My 2013 Reading List

My reading list for 2013 wasn’t quite as long as in “the year of the bookworm” of 2012, but I still covered some excellent books and learned so much. There were so many good ones in fact that I must begin to re-read previous year’s books more regularly (a new year’s resolution I think). The […]

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30 Day Trial

My 30-day challenge

I started on new 30-day challenge today. I do this every couple of months. This one is to test the theories around intermittent fasting – and so it means I skip breakfast and limit when I eat to an eight hour “feeding window”. Nothing before noon and nothing but water after 8pm. I’m optimistic, albeit […]

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Save the Cheerleader, Save the World

That famous, fictionally prophetic catch phrase from the TV show “Heroes” has more truth to it than you might have originally thought. In a world where moaning, critique, trolling, reviews, evictions, voting off and numerous other forms of judgement is the norm – we could all use a cheerleader in our life.  Someone who encourages […]

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Bookworm Art

2012: Year of the Bookworm. My reading list.

I’m not 100% sure why, but this year has been all about getting caught up on my reading.  The year started with me reading 6-8 books per month, but I started to get a bit burned by September which is pretty true to my “all in or nothing” way of life I guess.  But the […]

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Bondai Beach

A sabbatical every 7 years

There’s an interesting TED talk by Stefan Sagmeister called The Power of Time Off. (click here if you can’t see this video – as it is embedded in flash) He closes his design studio every seven years and takes a sabbatical and by doing this, he actually increases his productivity, rejuvenates his interest in his […]

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