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Best iPad Media Player (iPhone too)

One of the really nice features with the iPad is the ability to watch videos.  There are plenty of “media player” apps that support video including Apple’s own iTunes app. In fact, the most recent iOS update now allows you to connect to your home PC/Mac and watch all the media in your iTunes library […]

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The Best iPad Apps for Facebook

Facebook has an excellent app for the iPhone – there is no need to go elsewhere; but there is no official Facebook app for the iPad. So, if you like to get your daily dose of Facebook with your iPad, then here are a few recommendations:   Facebook’s Website Well the easiest method to connect […]

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Apple TV – First Impressions (meh!)

The Apple TV is part of Apple’s strategy to move to “cloud based” subscription and on-demand services. For music, they already have a large share of the smartphone and music player (e.g. iPod Touch) market. For video (tv shows, films and movies), they need to be in your living room. I received my new Apple […]

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Best iPhone (iPad) Apps for Walkers and Hikers

My wife and I love to go for long walks and hikes with our dog.  Living in Britain, we are somewhat spoiled for choice I believe – especially with so many public footpaths.  Lately, we have started to invent new walks every week by using some of the GPS-based apps available for the iPhone. Each […]

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How to take a screenshot on your iPad or iPhone

Did you know that your iPhone or iPad has a built in capability for taking screenshots – no additional app required? To use this feature, you will need to use the home button, the power switch and the standard/built-in Photos app. Here’s how: To take a screenshot / screencap, then simply go to the screen […]

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Kindle – First Impressions

Its been sunny lately.  I know, it’s summer – but living in England, summer and sunshine are not necessarily a guaranteed double act.  Recently however, it has been beautiful. I’ve been trying to read outside using my iPad – in the garden, at the beach, cafes – no chance.  The beautiful screen is a nightmare […]

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The iPad – My first impressions

My new shiny iPad was delivered last Thursday (one day early) and so with five days of working with it, I thought I’d share my experiences and views. Love at first sight.  It was heavier than I expected.. but in a good way.  It feels solid.  Expensive.  How could you not love it’s design. Initial […]

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