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The Narrative Clip Reviewed

I placed an order for the Memoto Lifelogging Camera on 14 May 2013 and received my Narrative Clip (as it was later named) on 31 March 2014. I’m not sure what I expected to be honest and so finally getting my hands on this device after the better part of a year was somewhat anticlimactic. […]

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Watching iPad by pool / on holiday

How to watch your home tv when travelling

It’s great having access to so much content on your tablet or smartphone these days – especially all the video on demand services such as Netflix or BBC iPlayer and the like. But when you pay for cable and have all of your own content recorded on your TiVo / DVR – then sometimes it […]

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Chrome for iPad and iPhone – a Review

I’m a big fan of Chrome on the PC, and so when Google released Chrome for the iOS platforms (iPad and iPhone), I had to try it. When you first load the app, it asks you to log into Chrome.  One of the major benefits of this app is that you can synchronize Chrome between all your […]

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Best TV Guide Apps for the iPad (UK)

It really surprises me how few decent TV-guide apps there are for the iPad.    Especially when you consider that more than 24% of iPad users state that they regularly use the iPad while watching TV.  This may be down to electronic programming guides (EPG) on the major platforms like Virgin and Sky have significantly improved over […]

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